Recently Returned Books

Below are all the books that have been returned recently:

After Now, But Before Then (1991)

Always Do The Opposite (2004)

And Then Do The Red (2008)

Arctic Circles: How To Find You Way Home In The Snow (1904)

Are You Better Yet, And Other Terrible Questions (2018)

Ask Yourself: When To Trust Intuition (2020)

Blame a Flamer: Why We Commit Arson (2003)

Blue Always Comes First (1973)

Biting Your Lip: Techniques To Avoid Shouting At Your Dentist (2014)

Bridging Troubled Water: How One Man Made a Crossing Over Crocodiles (2002)

But Not The Second or the Third (2008)

Career Change Options for Blacksmiths (1824)

Changing Faces of Ankara, The (1982)

Chronic Colonic, The (2012)

Churches, Chapels and Champions (1977)

Crushing Defeats: Sadism and Politics (2016)

Cut It At The Root: Letting Go Of Almost Anything (2001)

Danger Close: How To Shut Broken Doors (1987)

Dealing With Difficult Decks: A Guide for Croupiers (1996)

Dictionary of Common Lexicon, The (2014)

Do Not Do That (1943)

Echoing The Masses: Repetition in Catholicism (1995)

Economics of Economics: Is It Worth It?, The (2012)

Educating Me: Teach Yourself Anything (2004)

Elizabethan Drama: Hilarity and Parity (1973)

Estuaries of the Zambezi (1935)

Flaws In The Flow: Problems When Plumbing (1983)

Framing Roger Rabbit: The Cinematography Of Animation (2018)

Geopolitical History of Molvaria, The (2020)

Get Down: An Expert’s Guide to Judging Dog Shows (1968)

Glue Up: 1000 Unusual Uses for Superglue (2014)

Green Should Be Third (2008)

Growing Up Again (2001)

History of Kadmos AI, The (2021)

Hollow on the Inside: Lantern Carving (1988)

Housing House Flies (A How-To) (1973)

How To Spell Anything Perfeclty (2001)

I, Salad: A Guide To Making Lettuce Fun (2004)

Inch By Inch: The Gradual Move to Metric (2014)

Is It Green? (1986)

Jam Jars and Jet Lag: Running A Confiture Empire (2018)

Jargon Jargon Jargon: How To Talk Business While Giving 110% (2016)

Just Keep Going (2013)

Key Dates In Tunisian History (1998)

Knowing Omnibus, The (1980)

Landscaping Landscapes: Working With The Biggest Canvas (1975)

Leave The Newest Until Last (2008)

Lights, Camera, No Action: The History Of Dull Movies (2003)

Limitless Luxury: The World of Milford Worldwide (2017)

Love Yourself (2019)

Men to Boys and Back Again (2002)

More and More and More: The Greediest People Alive Today (2018)

Movies of Lulu Donbrowski, The (1997)

Nation In A State, The (2016)

Neither of The Previous (1992)

No Country for Young Men (2010)

Not Mutually Exclusive: The Statistics of Cheating (2014)

Not the North (2007)

Oak Trees of The Forest: An Unpotted History, The (2013)

Open for Business – The History of 24/7 (2004)

Or After The Youngest or The Oldest (2008) 

Oracle: What They Got Wrong, The (1973)

Orange Paint Is Always The First (1908)

Order from Biggest to Smallest, The (1943)

Origins of All Ball Sports (1952)

Oscar Winners of the 20th Century (2000)

Over The Hill: Mountain Climbing for Geriatrics (2008)

Painting Yourself Into A Corner: Techniques for Frescos (2008)

Platypus Breeding Habits: A Study (2015)

Plummet: A Quick Guide To Surviving Parachute Failure (2005)

Push The Button: The History of the Printing Press (1993)

Put a Curse On You: When Witchcraft Works (1983)

Queens and Kings of The Netherlands (1997)

Railroading: Forcing Through Trainline Construction (1966)

Renaissance Architecture in Leeds: 1368-1369 (1972) 

Repeat, Repeat and Repeat Once More (2004)

Risk and Reward: The Extreme Excitement of the Actuarial Sciences (2007)

Rivers of The Western Sahara, The (1974)

Sand in Your Hair: Catharsis Through Aversion (2015)

Second Is Never First (1994)

Shah Method, The (1989)

Shout Yourself Happy (1978)

Signing You Up For This (2021)

Sleeping Beauties: The Fall of Folklore (2014)

Solve for X – Algebra Through the Ages (1988)

Southern Is Always First (2008)

Super Yacht Maintenance for Beginners (2016)

Telecommunications: A Brief History (1994)

Then Do The Big One (2008)

Turn It Twice (2000)

Twelve Reasons Why The Byzantine Empire Was Not An Empire (1912)

UCLA Psychology Twin Studies 1962-65 & 1962-65 (1966)

Underneath The Bottom (1992)

Until the Fourth (2008)

Up To A Point – When To Stop Doing Needlework (1891)

Vegans That Ruled The World, The (2017)

Vikings and Vi-Queens (2006)

Villains of Vilnius: The Enemies of Lithuania (2018)

Vineyards of New Zealand (2021)

Vrai Ou Fauvism: The Truth About The Movement From Matisse to Braque (1999)

Wanted: The 10 Most Charming Serial Killers (1993)

Wet, Dry and Drying: The Lifecycle of a Towel (1964)

When You Turn The First, You Turn The Second (2008)

Who Knows Better Than You (2011)

Who Really Runs The World? (2018)

Why Aren’t You Reading This Book? A Guide To Dealing With Jealousy (1994)

Why Red is Better Than Orange (1908)

Wood: The Enemy of The Chisel (2010)

Words The Changed The World (Including These Words) (2004)

World Makes The Money Go Round, The (2009)

X-Marks The Spots (1865)

Yes You Yam – 50 Delicious Yam Recipes (2010)

Yesterday, Today and the Day After The Day After That (1882)

Yet Don’t Do The Blue (2008)

Zebras: Nature’s Greatest Killers? (2013)